Antique Royal Delft de Porceleyne Fles Tile - The Hague

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From The Netherlands' most famous delft factory founded in 1635 comes this cloisonne tile depicting the heraldic shield for the city of Gravenhage (The Hague). The tile is beautifully finished in mottled colors, with the field behind the crane being a burnished metallic gold (which also appears on De Porceleyne Fles architectural tiles of the period) perhaps indicating that the royal palace is at The Hague, and the frame is glazed to imitate polished, aged bronze. The following information about this type of tile comes from the Porceleyne Fles website: "The cloisonné tiles probably came about by combining the sectile technique (1900) with the crystal-glazed tiles for the building industry (1902). The tiles varied in size from 10 x 15 cm to 20 x 29 cm. Sometimes as many as 15 to 20 different, specially made glazes had to be applied to the individual segments, and as this was extremely laborious and time consuming De Porceleyne Fles was forced to stop making cloisonné tiles in 1977. These tiles are now highly collectible." This tile dates from between 1915 and 1940 based upon the configuration of the mark on the reverse. There are two holes for hanging as is typical of these self-framed tiles. The tile is in excellent/very good condition: there is outside corner wear on both the lower right and lower left corners that is not apparent when viewing the tile head-on. Please write with any questions you may have.

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