Antique Polish Blade with Russian Sword Shashka, 17th century

Antique 17th-18th century Russian Cossack sword Shashka. DETAILS: A 17th century slightly curved single - edged sturdy blade, of Polish origin, cut on each face with a pair of fullers with a pronounced raised false edge -yelmen, deeply stamped on each face of the blade with the letters "oNoNo". These types of blades with such markings are characteristic for the 17th century Polish cavalry - Hussar sword blades, please see the following references: "Bron w dawnej Polsce" by Zdzislaw Zygulski. Page: 272. "Pięć wieków szabli polskie" (Warszawa 1993) by Włodzimierz Kwaśniewicz. Page 61. Many Polish swords were captured by Cossack's as war bounty during the 17th century Polish Russian wars, and rehilted in their own Cossack manner. A very simple plain hilt, most likely 18th century, with a characteristic "Shashka" hooked bifurcated pommel with grips made of brown horn crudely retained by three iron rivets, and not as elaborate as the Caucasian aspiration hilts from the Caucasian Georgian, Dagestani, manufactures, indicating that this is a rare example of a Cossack's sword made in the style of a Caucasian "Shashka" made by a Cossack craftsman for functional combat purpose, without the artistic aspiration characteristics of the Shashka's from Caucasus.

Please note that most of the similar Cossack Shashka swords on the today's market are late 19th century, and early 20th century. This example is an extremely rare early Cossack sword almost impossible to find.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 90.3 cm (35 1/2 in).

CONDITION: The blade of the sword is in very good condition considering its age of approximately 350 years, with minor wear. The horn hilt shows the age and usage patina .

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