Antique Indo Persian Sword Shamshir Indian Tulwar Talwar

Exceptional, 17th -18th century, Northern Indian, Mughal sword Talwar - Tulwar. DETAILS: the iron hilt of typical 17th century Northern Indian Islamic type with bellied grip that runs down to form short quillons, the pommel is saucer – shaped, and the entire hilt is decorated in gold koftgari damascene in imperial Mughal design of leaves and blossom, sturdy and very sharp curved single –edged blade with beautiful Damascus steel watered pattern which is characteristic for Islamic Mughal Indian Damascus 70cm (27 ½ inches) long with 9 inches double-edged yelmen. CONDITION: the sword is in a very good condition MEASUREMENTS: approximately 82 cm (32 ¼ inches) long. REFERENSES: (1) very similar Talwars swords from the collection of Victoria and Albert Museum are published in the book “THE INDIAN SWORD” by P.S. Rawson, Illustration No 2, described as 18th century from Ulwar and another one No 7 described as late 17th century. (2) As well two very similar Talwar hilts from the collection of National Museum, New Delhi are published in the book titled “ARMS AND ARMOUR TRADITIONAL WEAPONS OF INDIA” by E. Jawant Poul, page 82 with the description: Indian Hilt, Mughal, North India late 17th century A.D. (3) “ON DAMASCUS STEEL” by L.S. Figiel. Due to the fact that the market is flooded by reproductions of Indo Persian Arms and Armour we would like to inform our clients that the sword is 100% authentic antique, not reproductions, and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity

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