Antique Hungarian Sword Sabre, 17th century

Rare Antique 17th century Hungarian Hussar sword with an 18th century hilt.

Details: A 17th century Hungarian Hussar broad curved single edged blade with a pronounced yelmen and a fuller bordering the back, on each face skillfully engraved, on one inner side with the bust of a Turkish Sultan in a turban with the Latin inscription above “Verbum Domini,” and “Vincere aut mori“, below accompanying perching birds with floral ornaments. The outer side of the blade is also engraved with the bust of a Turkish Sultan in a turban, but with the Latin motto below ”Summa est sapientia” and above “Romanus Broinis” or” Romanus Bvoims”, surrounded by perching birds and floral ornaments.

A characteristic early 18th century Austro Hungarian hilt comprising a brass stirrup knuckle bow and thumb ring, a shell guard cut with a checkered pattern and joined to the knuckle–guard by a “S” shape side bar, long quillon with bud-shaped terminal, a pair of langets and a back strap with jagged edges, extending over its original leather-covered wooden grip bound with cord and twisted brass wire and retained by three elaborate brass rivets.

These types of blades are generally found on 17th century Hungarian hussar swords. Since the style of the hilts of the swords changed in the early 18th century, due to the fact that 17th century blades were very high quality and highly priced, many 17th century swords were rehilted during the 18th century with the new style hilt.

A comparable 17th century Hungarian hussar blade also with an 18th century replaced hilt is published in the book "SABLJA na tlu Hrvatske od XX.stoljeca" by Tomislav Aralica. Page: 59 Number 14 described as Hungarian - Croatian and dated to the year 1670 A.D. (Croatia was for a century part of the Hungarian Kingdom). Many Hungarian hussars were ethnic Croats, Serbs, Slovaks and Carpathian Ruthenian’s.

18th century Austro - Hungarian swords with similar hilts as this one, are published in the following reference: “Palaše habsburské monarchie - Pallasche der Habsburgermonarchie” by Jiří Protiva.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 88 cm (34 5/8 in), length of the blade: 74.3 cm (29 1/4 in).

CONDITION: The blade of the sword is in very good condition considering its age with minor wear, the engravings are in very good condition and are crisp and clearly visible, better than on the pictures. The brass knuckle bow, thumb ring bend. The leather is extremely dry and fragile, partly lost.

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