Antique French Figural enamel Sevres compact


This dates circa 1880-1920 and has the most fascinating Sevres enamel center with VENETIAN glass in gold on her veil as well as the blue cabs on the sides. She also has these long amazing Austo Hungarian earrings!! This is bright gold dore and is in the form of a double casket quite a rare find, indeed. The enamels are the kiln-fired kind that are so impossibly difficult to master, yet master the process this artist certainly has! Velvet Lined , This has the insert of rouge and powder with the ORIGINAL puffs. What a beautifully ornate lid with elaborate enamel designs with SIX Venetian peacock eye color glass jewels. . . The sides are finished in a lovely repousse design. This beauty opens to reveal the original beveled mirror "framed" by a gold dore claw rope or braid. The lid opens easily and closes snugly. This unusual vanity compact is lined in pink velvet, completely surrounding the gold dore powder wells. Imagine the stories this would tell if it could! I am often amazed at the artistry and the elevated attention to artistic and decorative detail went into such an everyday item as a little double-frame trinket box shape compact like this. Imagine the hours! To think this might it have been one that passed the palm of a famous socialite or tucked away into the bodice of a wife or mistress of a French soldier who later was lost to war? This type of box dates to the last half of the 19th century, and would have likely been for Grand Tour. Lovely as it is, it's a reminder of a time long gone and of artisan's work that is no longer done for a price anywhere near what the antique pieces like this one are. Painstaking work, these kiln-fired Limoges, Sevres, or Viennese enamel enamels are brilliant! . A rare find that is from my personal collection and has never been offered to the public before. This measures 3” x 1 ¾” long. Heavy and exquisite this is defiantly a high end collectors item!I have more photos of this amazing compact if you want to email me to see them. The photos have the gold looking rusty but that is just the lighting. The gilt is not orange as it appears in them.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
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