Antique Chinese Wine Side Table

Chinese Antique Table (Antique Chinese Wine Side Table). This pair of antique, circa 1700's, Chinese wine/side tables are from Shanxi Province in Northern China. They were originally covered in black lacquer, which over time has worn away, revealing a lovely patina. The tables have retained 50% to 60% of their original lacquer coating. Under the lacquer, there is a thin layer of ramie cloth, used to help the lacquer adhere to the wood. The underside is coated in red cinnabar lacquer.

The tables are all original with the exception of one end apron piece and one foot has been tipped. The wood appears to be locust. The style of these tables really dates back to pre-Ming times. This style is generally referred to as Early Traditional Style, which persisted into the first half of the 19th century. This idea can be applied to many regional styles, but especially to Shanxi Province.

The table has round splayed legs, simple cloud band spandrels, "sculpting" throughout, and stretchers between the legs.

Matching tables from this era are rare to find, so they would be best served presented as a pair. However, each can be sold separately. Price listed is for each table. Antique Asian Furniture & Furnishings: Antique Chinese Wine Side Table from Shanxi Province, China.

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Furniture & Furnishings
Antiques (approx100yrs)
circa 1700's
(Width x Height X Depth)
37.25 x 33.00 x 19.00
Antique / Good
Locust (Huaimu)