Antique Boye Needle & Shuttle Display Case

Antique Boye needle, shuttle, and bobbin store display case and dispenser, found in hardware stores during the beginning of the 20th century. This large round metal case was used to dispense the correct size needle, shuttle, and spool bobbin for 195 different brands of sewing machines. The dispenser held needles and shuttles in wooden tubes, and bobbins in metal holders. The chart around the edge of the case gave the correct shuttle tube and bobbin numbers and needle tube numbers for each of the 195 machines. When the dial arrow was pointed to a specific tube or bobbin number, the sliding door would open to the location of that particular tube or bobbin. The case measures a little over 16 inches in diameter, and is about 4 inches deep, including the sliding door and dial knobs. The case has five different patent dates on it, with Jan. 18, 1910 being the latest. There are 4 wooden needle cases, 10 needles, 3 steel bobbins, and 4 bobbin holders included with the case. Condition is good. The dial and sliding door are in operating condition. The black, red, and yellow graphics are readable although there is a fair amount of wear in some areas. Please refer to the 4 photographs for general appearance and condition. Shipping / packaging will be $14 - $36, depending on the zip code of the buyer.

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Textiles, Clothing & Accessories
Antiques (approx100yrs)
C. 1910
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