Antique Art Deco Wood Detrola Tabletop Tube Radio

Antique Art Deco Detrola tabletop tube radio in beautiful polished wood cabinet. This handsome radio has a 5.5 inch diameter glass-covered dial, surrounded by a wood or perhaps an early plastic ring with an art deco design. The cabinet is covered in a wood veneer, possibly walnut, and has flaring and ribbed solid wood pieces on the sides. The speaker is behind the wood piece on the left side. The radio has two wooden knobs on the front and a larger knob under the dial that looks like bakelite. The dial has DETROLA NETWORK DIAL in the center on a background of a world map. The smallest band, closest to the center has NBC BLUE network stations. The second band has NBC RED stations in very faint letters. The top half of the outside and largest band has broadcast channels in kilocycles; the bottom half has channels in megacycles for POLICE, AMATEUR, and AVIATION. On the back is a metal plate which indicates the radio is "Licensed under patents of Radio Corporation of America, General Electric Company, and Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. and associated companies. Only for radio amateur experimental and broadcast reception." There are 30 patent numbers listed, with the newest being 1,728,879 which dates to 1930. The plate also indicates the radio was made in the USA by D.R. Co., Detroit. The serial number is B176301. There are 4 felt circles on the bottom to protect table tops. The radio cabinet is in very good condition, solid and intact, with minimal surface wear and 3 very small areas on the top rear edge where the veneer is missing. There are some shallow splits in the veneer and some minor repair work near the top but there appears to be no areas where the veneer is loose. There is no back to the radio and the cord is frayed and patched with electrical tape. When plugged in, there is a hum and static. The volume control works but the other two knobs did not seem to do much. Please refer to the 4 photographs for appearance and condition of the case. The radio measures approximately 9.75 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 7.25 inches deep, and weighs almost 11 pounds. Shipping / handling will be determined based upon the zipcode of the buyer.

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