American Clocks Volume 2 by Tran Duy Ly

The book contains 336 pages - 8 1/2 x 11 – with 1032 illustrations of original clock catalog. Smyth sewn hardbound with 2000 price update. The 336 pages and their 1000 plus illustrations are all from original factory catalogues. This will aid the buyer in discovering whether the offered clock is all original, or, carelessly or even cleverly altered from its original exact appearance.This new addition to American Clocks contains clocks none of which appear in Volume 1. In addition, it contains 152 illustrations of Chelsea clocks alone, most of which have not been included in prior publications.The section on New Haven has 48 eye-appealing figured and novelty models while Ansonia's 83 rarer porcelain clocks are those which it is claimed, have not been shown elsewhere.Electrically - wound clocks from Poole, Landis, Sempire and E. Howard as well as clocks from the United States (electric) Clock Company of Hudson St., New York and Prentiss are included among other clocks by these makers whose positions in this book are in alphabetical order. There are also a few battery alarm clocks by Darche and night-light clocks by Gilbert.Volume 1 of American Clocks pictured 87 Howard models. In this new companion book, there are 63 additional clocks illustrated in fine detail.There is a special section on self winding clocks, commencing with the history of the company and followed by 19 pages of invaluable repair and adjustment procedures, followed by another 89 pages depicting 135 models with illustrations of movements, dials, pendulums, hands and accessories. The clocks of the Self Winding Clock Company were considered the most reliable self winding, self-correcting timepieces. Their accuracy was assured by The Western Union Telegraph Company's hook-up to the time period signals of the U.S. Naval Observatory. The writer is familiar with this company, having taught watch and clockmaking just a few street blocks away and was called upon by them during the wars years for consulting on special governmental projects. This portion of volume 2 is, without question, the most complete treatise on Self-Winding available anywhere.Examining the page of acknowledgments with its 39 named experts who have contributed to this edition is like comparing it to a "Who's Who" in the collecting community.Generally, the preface of a book introduces the reader to its contents. It also serves as guidance so the reader may best profit from its contents. This writer can do no better than to urge the reader to study pages 8 through 12, "IMPORTANT TIPS."

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