Amazing Camille Faure Limoge Enamel Plaque Floral Outstanding

Beautiful and very well done plaque by Camille Faure. This is one of 3 plaques that are available from the same estate. The first picture is of the plaque for sale and then a group shot front and back. They all measure 9.5" by 5" in frame and about 8" by 3 1/2" out. Very good size for one of his plaques. The beauty of the work is hard to capture and these are amazing pieces. Condition is excellent and and they are circa 1940

Camille Fauré founded his small Atelier in 1911 in Limoges, a city which was since the middle-age know for its enamel work. His work was found in a couple of gallerys during the 1920s in Paris and his daughter André played a major role in the production of the most fascinating pieces ever made. She took over the post of chief desgner and her work is profoundly marked by the artistic movements that sprawled throughout the 1920s and 1930s, among other cubism, suprematism and the modernist painters like Sonai Delaunay and Kandinsky.

The process would take weeks to build up as each layer would have to be fired before the next layer could be applied. A special feature of the Fauré vase are the perfect line or curves drawn with the enamel, a feat which could only be achieved by using the techniques of cubist painters. Before the final firing, some the vases manufactured before the 1950s underwent this process as some of the thickest layers were partly milled or incised to give sharp edges. The final firing would then slightly melt the hard edges.

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