Alvaro Guillot Oil Painting 1963, French Castle

Artist: Alvaro Guillot
Title: Castle
Year: circa 1963
Medium: Oil on Canvas, signed
Size: 30" x 24"
Frame: 37" x 31"

Alvaro Guillot, the son of a diplomat, has traveled throughout the world. He lived the life of the existentialist with the young painters in St. Germaine de Pres. Through his friend, artist Charles Levier, he was influenced to pick up the brush and paint. But branching out into his own changing style, he experimented with natural surrealism that grows with his development in later pictures into abstract realism.

Guillot has been described as a Surrealist with blocks of color and the arrangement of shapes within the canvas rather than in the nature of the subject matter itself.

In his work, a house becomes less important as a house, and more important as a house, and more important as a pattern of interrelated colors and shapes. This is evident throughout all of his landscapes, and more particularly in his studies of still objects.

In the still lifes, he works in patterns, fusing them, and relating them by virtue of shape alone.

ONE-MAN SHOWS 1979 Elysee Club, Beverly Hills Calif. 1978 Ma Galerie, Los Angeles 1976 Galerie Fatebenefratelli, Milan 1975 Galerie Berjonneau, Paris 1974 Henri Graziani, Qual Voltaire, Paris 1973 Godfrey Galleries, Miami Beach, Florida 1972 Musee De St. Eusoge, Rogny, Yonne, France 1971 Caesars Palace, Las Vegas 1970 Emile Walter Galleries, New York 1969 Hotel Fremont, San Francisco 1968 Martin Lowitz Galleries, Palm Springs, Calif. 1967 Town & Country Galleries, Palo Alto, Calif. 1965 Galerie Juarez, Palm Beach, Florida 1964 Galeria Rugero Fauro, Rome 1963 Galerie Juarez, Palm Beach, Florida 1962 Van Diemen Lillienfeld Galleries, New York 1961 Shields Galleries, London GROUP SHOWS 1977 Salon De La Marniere- Orval- France 1967 Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York 1964 Leonard Hutton Galleries, New York 1963 Spring Art Festival, New York 1962 Spring Art Festival, New York

Item Details

Reference #:
Fine Art
Antiques (approx100yrs)
c. 1963
(Width x Height X Depth)
24.00 x 30.00 x