5 Pc. Imperial Candlewick Souvenir Ashtray Set

5 Pc. Imperial Candlewick Souvenir Ashtray Set

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5 Pc. Imperial Candlewick Souvenir Ashtray Set

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I'm offering a complete 5 Piece Souvenir Ashtray Set(400/172). To find a complete set is difficult. This set consists of 4 Candlewick Colored Ashtrays and a Clear Frosted Round Ashtray. This was the Inaugral year of the Glass Festival held in Bellaire, OH. Around the edge, the ashtray reads "First Annual All-American Glass Festival, July 23-28, Bellaire, O. In the center it says Imperial, Rodefer-Gleason 1973 and shows a man blowing glass. After the first year, Candlewick sovenuir ashtrays were made out of the Candlewick Heart Ashtray Mould(400/172). They measure about 4" across. There was a total of four made, each one in a different color. Each one in the center says ___Annual Glass Festival, Bellaire, O and the year. The four are as follows: 2nd Annual, Blue, 1974; 3rd Annual, Green, 1975; 4th Annual, White/Milkglass, 1976, and 5th Annual, Amber, 1977. All of these Ashtrays are in super excellent condition with no chips or cracks. Again it is not easy to find the complete set of five and this would be a nice edition to add to any Imperial Candlewick collection.

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