5.5 ounce scarce Flip Top Box vintage Art Deco 1920s signed Battin sterling silver cigarette case, smoking, tobacciana, business card case

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Stunning signed Battin vintage Art Deco sterling silver cigarette case with a highly unusual hinged flip top lid in a box style. Also holds two generous stacks of business cards perfectly. Gorgeous, deeply ribbed engraved exterior and heavily gilt interior. Two hinged latching fret work cross bars inside hold cigarettes in the horizontal position. Measures 3-3/4" x 3" x 11/16". Weighs a very sturdy 5.5 ounces- (129 grams / 83 dwt pennyweight). Hallmarked, maker marked, and numbered model number #75 on the edge of the front of the case. Designed to hold 70mm cigarettes. In exceptional condition, looks like it was not carried very much. Incredibly handsome. Circa 1920's. The case opens and closes securely and gilt is bright and gleaming. This looks as if it could have just walked right off the set of Boardwalk Empire, The Great Gatsby, or Downton Abbey! About the maker: Battin (Newark, New Jersey)- Listed in the trade publication Jewelers Circular 1896 to 1922. Manufacturers of 14k and sterling silver match boxes, cigarette cases, belt buckles, and pocket knives. T150C&E HOW TO VIDEO: http://tinyurl.com/ybelzlph IMPORTANT TO NOTE: any "dark" areas in the images are merely reflections. The case has an extremely reflective surface making it difficult to photograph. TRULY more spectacular in person and "in hand". The case will hold shorts, hand rolled cheroots, marijuana joints, filter-less cigarettes. Also good to hold rolling papers. The perfect anniversary gift or wedding gifts for the groom and groomsmen. They also make fine birthday and graduation gifts. Great piece of collectible tobacciana! 70mm cigarettes were the original cigarette size and are typically 2 3/4 inches long. These were traditionally filter-less cigarettes and were the dominant size before the popular filtered cigarette started to dominate the market. This size is still very popular with the roll-your-own community, but are less popular from a commercial standpoint. Once the filter tipped cigarette came out in the late 1950's, these started to decline in popularity. By the mid to late 1960's the filter tip cigarette had started to dominate the market, but these were still very popular due to the large amount of people who were used to smoking this size cigarette. These are still widely available, but not very popular in the modern day. NON US BUYERS PLEASE CONTACT US FOR SHIPPING RATES......... THIS LISTING IS FOR THE ITEM OR ITEMS SHOWN IN THE FIRST IMAGE ONLY. Any other items shown in the listing are not included, and are shown to help you visualize size, scale and proportion, and to show other similar items that we may have available in our inventory.

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