1965 Greek Replica of Ancient Minoan Vaphio Cup

1965 Greek reproduction of ancient Minoan Vaphio cup, depicting what appears to be bull-leaping and the capture of a bull in a net. Vaphio cups were generally made of gold and most probably were a form of Minoan art produced on the island of Crete circa 1500 B.C E., depicting mythology and history related to the long-horned Cretan bull. This reproduction cup consists of two layers: a smooth interior layer which appears to be bronze or brass, and a hand-tooled, shiny gold metal outer layer, which looks like it could be gold-plated, covered in raised images. There is a leaping bull, a bull that appears to be captured in a net, and a third bull with two men who appear to be engaging in the ancient Cretan sport of bull-leaping. It is believed that bull-leaping involved acrobats, most likely captives, who would pit their athleticism against charging bulls by attempting to leap on and over them, or grab them by the horns. This cup measures about 3.5 inches high and 4.5 inches in diameter at the top. Engraved on the bottom is “KELVINATOR INTERNATIONAL CORP., PARTNERS IN PROGRESS SEMINAR, ATHENS – GREECE 1965.” A number of Greek letters and perhaps numbers are engraved on the underside of the handle. There is also a small roundish lead seal attached to the handle by a thin wire, which has raised Greek letters on one side and a raised crown and shield symbol on the other side. This is a very well made item. The handle is attached to the cup with 4 rounded rivets. It appears to be in very good condition, with some discoloration and corrosion of the finish on the inside and a handful of very small, shallow dings on the bottom. Please refer to the 4 photographs for general appearance and condition. Shipping / packaging will be $9.00.

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