1940's Telechron Coca Cola Wall Clock

1940's Telechron Coca Cola Wall Clock

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1940's Telechron Coca Cola Wall Clock
1940's Telechron Coca Cola Wall Clock
1940's Telechron Coca Cola Wall Clock
1940's Telechron Coca Cola Wall Clock

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Early Coca Cola Clock from what believe to be the 1940's era possibly the early 50's. Clock has been part of my personal collection for a few years now. I have no history on it other then when it was acquired I was told it may have originally came out of a local plant as may be evident by the label on the back that you can see in the photos. Anyhow, diameter of the Clock face is about 16" and around it's entire circumference is 3 metal rings. From one end to the other the total diameter of to the rings is about 18". Clock is then mounted on a wood board that measures 24 x 8". Back of this Board has a paper label explaining voltage, how to set time, Property of Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Kay Inc. 9 East 40th St., N.Y. 14 N.Y. To the right of this in an ink stamp on the wood and says Property of Coca-Cola Bottle. Clock is in working order (not a light up Clock), however, I need mention that the minute hand may need a washer or something like that in the center to hold it up and keep the tip end from falling/draging. If you play with it (minute hand) a little you can get it to set where it will not drag and it will keep time. I'm sure it's an easy fix but I'll leave it up to it's new owner. Also need to mention a light film stain to the face of the Clock. I believe this is due to it laying around for a while. When I acquired it I wiped it off with soap & water. I did not want to do anything else to it because I was afraid I would scratch the face. It may clean up some with a solution but again I'll leave it to the new owner. If you have any other questions or need any additional photos please do not hesitate to ask for it will be sold "as is". Would make a fine addition to any Coca Cola collection. Buyer will be responsible for the shipping & insurance costs.

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