1930s Skookum Native American Indian Doll Mailer

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Vintage Native American Skookum Papoose Doll in Leather Papoose Holder - with the original mailing tag! This one is rare because it features a young chief with headdress. It is possible to remove the doll but we did not do it because he is tied in with the original string. This item was created by the Arrow Novelty Co. Inc., New York and bears their Round Trademark with a pine tree in the middle. That tag was made by the Dennison Company. This was sent by someone named BARBARA from The Weirs, New Hampshire to CAROL WINTERBOTTOM in Philadelphia, PA The cancellation is hard to read on the two 2¢ stamps that were to transport it down the east coast! The address side reads, GREETINGS. On the other side, it reads: Meet my new friend Smiling Face Very pleasant as you see, Who'll take my message straight to you, "I'm well as well can be." It is signed: From BARBS Some people collect the souvenirs that have never been used, but we prefer the ones that were really sent through the mail. We feel that somehow, the essence of the friends on either end of the mailing comes through to the new owner. The papoose holder has been sewn together by machine and is made of sueded leather on the back and smooth leather on the front. The front has been stamped with leather tools and darkened - it appears to be made to resemble a real papoose holder that would have been strapped to keep the little baby safe inside. The child inside is not a true Skookum as the eyes are not averted on one side. The little doll is made of wood and appears to have been molded somehow. This souvenir from the Arrow Novelty Company in New York is a true treasure of early 20th century vacation travel.

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