1897 SICK Call cabinet alter candelabra & MORE

This is a wonderful old ( 1897) A CATHOLIC PRIEST SICK CALL BOX .( I have more photos if you want me to email them to you). The Official and Rubrical Sacramental Service (Sick-Call Outfit) for Catholics in 1897 by the Homan Silver Plate Company in Cincinnati, Ohio was primarily for use in the home during the administration of the Last Sacraments by a Priest. The cabinet (box) is lined with purple satin and measures approximately 11” x 10” x 4”. The cabinet is made from oak ? and it has the ornamented Cross-on both doors. There is a secret button you push to open this at the top. The box has a combination highly detailed SILVER (1) Crucifix, (2) Holy-Water SHELL SHAPED Font with double Candelabra. The Crucifix is detachable, in order that it may be held in the hand of the sick person. Next is a silver-handled Gilt-Lined Spoon-Cup (5” length) to serve for the ablution of the Priest’s fingers after contact with the Sacred Host. Then there is a large glass HOLY WATER bottle with an ornate CROWN screw top and rubber washer for a supply of Holy Water. Next are 2 Silver Plates (5 1/8”) – one for the salt or breadcrumbs for absorbing the oil adhering to the Priest’s fingers. They are ornamented with the “I.H.S.” deeply engraved in the centers and around the borders are wreaths of oak and laurel leaves, symbolic of the strength conferred by the Sacraments and the victory over death. Also included it the genuine horsehair brush that has the cross at the top. The last piece is the heavy ornate gold colored wal crucifix that is almost as large as the crucifix on the candleabra. This is old so there is wear to the wood and the coloring of the silver. What a wonderful old set!!

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