1879 $4 Stella Flowing Hair Gold Coin - Replica

1879 $4 Stella Flowing Hair Gold Coin - Replica

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1879 $4 Stella Flowing Hair Gold Coin - Replica


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* MINT 1879 $4 STELLA FLOWING HAIR BRILLIANT GALLERY PROOF 24 KARAT GOLD LAYERED REPLICA COIN * THIS BEAUTIFUL COIN IS ENLARGED REPRESENTATION OF THE ORIGINAL * SIMILAR IN SIZE TO A $20 GOLD PIECE * Specifications: .999 - 24 karat gold layered; 39mm diameter * Individually struck proof. 1879 $4 STELLA FLOWING HAIR GOLD COIN HISTORY: This coin was intended as a United States trade coin. This coin was made of 'Metric Gold' which consisted of .857 fineness, as opposed to .999 fineness of regular United States gold coins. This coin was struck for just two years, with the mintage of the flowing hair Stella, and the mintage of the coiled hair Stella. The flowing hair Stella was created by Charles E. Barber, and the coiled hair Stella was created by George T. Morgan. This coin comes in airtight removable plastic protector. All our replica coins, reproduction coins, or copy coins comply with the US Hobby Protection Act - 15USC-2101 regarding the sale and manufacture of reproduction coins. Unless stated as .999 silver replica coins, all gold and silver reproduction coins are plated. All our reproduction coins, replica coins, and/or copy coins are non-monetary.

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