1850’s Guilloche enamel Prussian Stickpin

1850’s Guilloche enamel Prussian Stickpin

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1850’s Guilloche enamel Prussian Stickpin
1850’s Guilloche enamel Prussian Stickpin
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This mid to late 1800’s guilloche enamel stick pin has a lot of history behind it. Otto von Bismarck As Minister-President of Prussia from 1862–90, (he engineered the unification of Germany). he added to his coat-of-arms the banners of Alsace and Lorraine, and chose as his motto, "Trinitate Robur," --- "My strength in trinity,"---an old family device. "And," suggested a friend, "it may also signify >My strength in the three-in-one God.'". I think the back of this wonderful old stick pin reads "PATRIAE INSERVIENDO CONSUMOR" translates as "I am consumed in the service of my Fatherland" THE Shamrock is an object of reverence and regard. A German statistician has discovered that the number 3 has played an important part in Prince Bismarck's life. Caricaturists of the ex-Chancellor have for years represented him with three hairs on his head. He has three children and three estates; he fought in three wars, and signed three treaties of peace. He arranged the meeting of the three Emperors, and originated the Triple Alliance. He had under him the three great political parties (Conservatives, National Liberals, and Ultramon- tañes), and served three German emperors. This antique stickpin is 2 ½” long and tests at a low karat of gold. What a great piece for collectors of historical pieces!Vintage and antique items are not mint nor are they perfect. Sold as is and as found (used and vintage) Since this is Irreplaceable there can be no returns on this sale.. Please use photos to make your decisions. Remember that old glue and hot post offices may cause some stones in vintage pieces to loosen in shipping.


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