1800s Glass Oil Painting * Wild Flowers *

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This is an amazing original floral oil painting on a soft satin frosted glass framed in a fabulous old antique French Empire design gesso frame which is all chippy and quite chic! Although the frame has this damage from age, it's perfect for that shabby chic or romantic decor! The frame has some gold gilting and is in a nice soft creamy vanilla white color..all original. It has embellishments such as beading and ornate edging all done in gold gilt.

The painting is signed by the artist but I can't read the name as it's painted into the grass of the painting. The painting is absolutely gorgeous and realisitic and looks like a beautiful close up of a clump of flowers with a lake and mountain in the background. The water from the lake seems to be coming up around the flowers like a small water fall. It may have been painted in that very spot, where ever it is. Just picture this victorian artist sitting outside in a beautiful place with the trees and flowers all around painting this piece. For all we know..a city is sitting on top of that spot today! The flowers pop out and look so realistic!

This piece is a one of a kind and no one will ever find another one like it anywhere as it's an original painting and I've never seen another frame like this, neither aged and chippy like this one or not. The glass could probably use a cleaning but I will leave that up to the buyer as I don't know what to clean it with but it's fine the way it is and looks great, but it's old so I'm sure with age and patina, it could use it. This painting and frame is a must have for that finishing touch to your romantic shabby chic vintage Paris apartment or French Country decor or just to add to your collection of original art work! A must see in person!

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