1782A US Colonial 2 Sous Billon Silver Vlack385 Rarity7

1782A US Colonial 2 Sous Billon Silver Vlack385 Rarity7

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1782A US Colonial 2 Sous Billon Silver Vlack385 Rarity7

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1782A US Colonial 2 Sous Billon Silver Vlack385 Rarity7

1782 A Paris Mint King Louis XVI US Colonial New France including Louisiana Territory 2 Sous Billon Silver.  Struck initially for Guyane which is the French name for French Guiana. 

Victor Gadoury in his Monnaies Coloniales Francaises 1670-1988, page 212, lists a weight of 1.90 grams when stuck in billon silver of approximately 20.8% fine.  Diameter 22mm. Gadour price this 1782A issue at about double the value of the more common 1789A, which you usually see.  Gadoury's book is about 20 years old and the prices are no longer applicable, but the relative rarity or value of the 1782A versus common 1789A still holds true.

Vlack#385, a Rarity-7 compared with the regular issue 1782A, a Rarity-1 on page 143 of An Illustrated Catalogue of the French Billon Coinage in the Americas.

This coin was struck over a previously issued (undertype) French Colonial Sous Marques, which are listed on pages 50 and 51 in the 2010 Redbook.


Prior to the Cayenne 2 Sous first issued in 1780, the French Mint made 1765 Stampees, "which were nothing more than a simple planchet with the uniface impression of a crowned C.  These were replaced by the Paris Mint with a more sophisticated currency for the colony...with dates ranging from 1780 to 1789.  Again, in some cases the old French sous marques, having been returned to the mint, were used as planchets; mainly the issues of 1782 and 1789 have been found with the sous marques undertype...These two dates constituted the larger mintage quantities presumably because of requests in those years for additonal small change.  It is resonable to assume that any of the Cayenne two sous may be found struck over a sous marques and this is the reason for their inclusion in this book.  The metal used is always a question, and although many may look like copper, others have been seen with a silvery appearance."          (from Vlack page 143)

I will be listing some Stampees of 1765 soon.  Also, from Robert Vlack, page 139, "A Royal Edict of January 1763 notes how the French Colonies had an evan greater need for small denomination coins (menues monnloies) since the supply of earlier issues was practically exhausted.  To this end, it was ordered that the coinage authorized in October 1738, that is, the double douzains or double sols, should be counterstamped, on one side only, with a crowned C for circulation in the colonies.  These coins were primarily produced at the Paris Mint and later at La Rochelle.  The Cianci catalogue notes that this marked issue, atrtributed to Cayenne, circulated in most of the French Colonies and frequently bore the addional couterstamps of the British Colonies."


This example appears similar to the image of Vlack #385, in that both the obverse and reverse were struck slightly off center.  The dies missed the undertype Sous Marques planchet slightly, thus accounting for the denticles to appear a little off the edge of the planchet.  Because the dies missed the exact center of the flan (planchet), the opposite edge of the coin is mushy and partially illegible.  I am not 100% positive of this coin as Vlack #385, but I am sure some numismatist with more knowledge than I will let us know.

Trade between the West Indies with France, New France ie Louisiana Territory and Canada, the 13 American Colonies, the British, the Spanish, and the Dutch all involved rum, molasses, slaves, and other cargo/commodities.

If you are a romantic, you may include pirates of the Caribbean.

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