1739 US Colonial Sou Marque Silver Contemporary CFT

1739 US Colonial Sou Marque Silver Contemporary CFT

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1739 US Colonial Sou Marque Silver Contemporary CFT

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1739 US Colonial Sou Marque Silver Contemporary Counterfeit

1739 US Colonial New France Louisiana Territory Silver Billon Sou Marque Circulating Coin Contemporary Counterfeit, non-Regal

Please reference 2010 Redbook pages 50 and 51; Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of US and Colonial Coins pages 50

Unlisted in Robert Vlack's An Illustrated Catalogue of the French Billon Coinage in the Americas

By Royal Edict of the King of France, these coins were to be 25% silver, called billon, and the balance copper.  Weight is supposed to be 33.72 grains = 2.185 grams.  Diameterabout 22 millimeters = about 7/8 of an inch

This coin was not struck at a Regal French Mint.  It was struck illegitimately in either France or maybe Birmingham, England.  Instead of an "L" with one leg, this obverse shows a double L, one facing left and one facing right.  One vertical part and TWO lower legs or serifs. 

Additionally, the fleur de lys aka fleur des lis to the left of the L is too large and does not match the fleur de lis to the right of the L.

I have not weighed this coin but assume it may be underweight.

Vlack discusses and illustrates then know contemporary CFT's on pages 110 to 136 of the aforementioned book.

This coin is probably a Rarity-8 but that is not certain, just a guess on my part.

Coins like this tell a very interesting story.

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  • coin circulated in the New France Colonies including the US

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