1700's Hand Made Engraved Goblet Pair

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This is an amazing pair of free hand blown engraved Georgian Rummers in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. This pair has been looked at by a few different appraisers and also viewed by Tom Bredehoft and no one knows exactly who made these beauties but all agree they are Georgian Period Free Hand Blown Rummers from the late 1700's thru early 1800's, no later than 1820. There are typical imperfections in each of these due to the fact that they are completely hand made and design is dependenton the expertise of the glass blower. They have bubbles here and there, especially in the footing and some small pieces of carbon inside the glass on the footing of one of them. There is of course wear to the bottom of each of them around the edges of the base which should be expected as they are over 200+ years old! The engravings on these are a beautiful swag and flower with tassle design and an egg and tulip design around the top rim. The bowls are an ovid shape and have a petal design along the bottom sides. This pair is completely hand blown, no molds, and are of two different sizes and thickness due to the fact that they are hand made. One has a slightly lavender tone to it due to the maganese in the glass and sun exposure and the other one has had less exposure to the sun. This pair would make a perfect wedding set as a his and hers as if you notice the stems and footing on them, one is thicker and more masculine than the other and the one that is less thick is slightly taller and a tad more slender, yet they are a perfect pair. They have a concaved polished pontil on the bottoms and a wonderful bell tone ring when tapped. One measures 5.75" tall and one measures a smidge under 5.75" tall. The engravings on these are quite elaborage and fancy and seem more Continental rather than English and may be either Irish or Bohemian as well as possibly English. According to my Miller's Glass books, the footing on these is called a Conical foot on a Capstan stem. These stems are just so amazing and a must see in person and would make the perfect wedding gift to be used as the bride and groom goblets for toasting or just to add to your antique glass collection!

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
1700's - early 1800's
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