Antique 17th century Indo Persian Helmet Kulah Khud

Antique 17th century Indo Persian- helmet Kulah-Khud with a hemi-spherical skull forged from a single piece of thick steel decorated with incised vertical panels and surmounted by a spike. The front is with a sliding nose guard with palmette finials flanked by two plume holders and remains of the third on the center, originally there were three feather holders but one is missing, with the original long neck-defense camail of chain mail of rounded links. The rim of the helmet is appliquéd by a broad reinforcing band cut and pierced with a serrated border.

These types of Persian helmets without engraved floral or human decoration, as compared to most known Kulah-Khud helmets, and only decorated with incised vertical panels and dated to the Safavid period, are extremely rare and not too many have survived. Other comparable Safavid helmets also decorated with incised vertical panels, a similar reinforcing band, and three plume holders, are in the Military Museum Teheran. Museum inventory number 3 published in the book "Arms and Armor from Iran" by Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani. Page 716. Also a similar helmet is in the famous Henri Moser collection of Islamic Arms and Armour in Charllotenfels, Switzerland now in the Bernisches Historisches Museum, and this is the only one of this type of helmet in this collection which includes many Persian Kulah-Khud helmets. Reference: “Orientalische Sammlung Henri Moser, Charlottenfels” Page 69. Taf. XII. No 22.

MEASUREMENTS: Height from the top of the spike to the bottom of the mail: 57.3 cm (26 1/2 inches), Diameter: 20.3 cm (8 in).

WEIGHT: 1670 grams CONDITION: There is some damage as some cracks in the reinforcing band and a hole at the front above the palmette base of the missing central plume holder. Due to the heavy structure of the helmet those damages were certainly made during combat.

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