Antique 18th century Sword Polish Sabre

Antique 18th century Polish saber. A typical 18th century eastern European hussar style brass stirrup hilt merging into cross-shaped langets, a plain back-strap rising up to form a maned lion head pommel and retaining its original wooden grip with remains of the original leather bound with cord and copper wire. A slightly curved single-edged blade cut with a narrow fuller engraved at one side of the forte with the bust of a Turkish Sultan in a turban with Talismanic script and a star below and a crescent moon and foliage on the other side engraved with an elaborate heraldic panel crowned by a turban adorned by feathers and a crescent moon enclosed by Talismanic script, crescent moons and foliage.

REFERENCES: A Polish sword with an almost identical hilt is published with color photographs in the Russian edition of the Book "Polish Sword" by Wlodzimierz Kwasniewicz, Published in Saint Petersburg 2005. Page 161. Described as a Polish sword from the middle of the 18th century (most likely taken as a trophy during the Polish Kosciusko Insurrection). Also in the book "European Edged Weapons" by A.N. Kulinsky Page 262. Another Polish sword with a similar hilt is published in the book Polska broń - broń biała by Andrzej Nadolski illustration 161.

Since the hilt of the sword is very similar to the Polish sword M 1921, this may have been a prototype for the design of the Polish sword 1921 Model.

CONDITION: The blade is lightly pitted overall, a crack in the wooden hilt, wear and a partial absence of the leather.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 86.5 cm (34 1/8 in), length of the blade: 73.7 cm (29 in).

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