Vintage Japanese Tokyo Bunka Embroidery Kit unused in box size 3 # T187

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Vintage Japanese Tokyo Bunka Embroidery Kit  unused in box size 3 # 187.     It is a beautiful  mountain, stream and cottage scene.   Everything is complete with the soft rayon embroidery threads ( all numbered) the linen with the design printed and numbered as well as the instructions.     However it is all written in Japanese.    The box has been opened and the litho of the art work is wrinkles and torn at the borders.     Here is an some information about  this specialized  Bunka embroidery art form that I found on a internet site that imports these kits and supplies:


Bunka Embroidery

Also known as Bunka Shishu, Japanese Punch Embroidery and Threadpainting, this art form originated in Japan around the beginning of the last century. 

Bunka Embroidery is created by using a unique combination of punch needle and special silk-like rayon thread (yarn).  When completed, many pictures resemble delicately shaded paintings.  In fact, the needle is held and operates in much the same manner as an artist's brush or pencil.  The Bunka artist uses many different stitch techniques in order to achieve the desired effect of depth and interest but unlike other forms of needle art, there are no knots to tie and mistakes are easily corrected. 

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