VICTORIAN FRUIT FLOWER BASKET ORNATE GOLD 14K EARRINGS BROOCH PIN SET DEMI PARURE Antique 1870s Jewelry 19th Century One of a Kind Heirloom Floral Bridal Wedding

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An exceptional 1870s demi parure in solid 14K yellow gold consisting of a fine pair of fruit and flower basket earrings and a matching exquisite cornucopia brooch.


This is a rare pair of original earrings dating to the 19th century of continental origin. Each earring has an intricately design of fruits and flowers in a basket. The technique to do this amazing work involved etching with mercury vapor. Needless to say no modern goldsmith uses this time consuming and dangerous technique these days and the skills have been lost. The technique was not used for very long and is quite rare to see even in fine 19th century jewelry.

Dating to the 1870s it is miraculous that these earrings are in such excellent condition. Together they weigh a total of 5.49 grams of solid 14 karat yellow gold. The gold has been professionally tested by an accredited Jewelry Appraiser who is a specialist in Antique and Estate Jewelry Appraisal.

They measure 1 3/8" long by 13/16" wide (35mm x 20mm). These pretty antique earrings are textbook examples of fine 19th century jewelry. The quality of workmanship in these earrings could never be replicated today.


This rare solid 14 karat gold brooch is 19th century and of continental origin. A period ladies' basket overflows with fresh fruits, the abundance of nature, realistically depicted in finest details. The basket framed by a scalloped border of fruits or flowers. Also termed a harvest basket, it is of course a Victorian representation of the mythological cornucopia... symbolic of mother nature's abundance and fertility.

It is the delicacy and realism of the piece that show us the master craftsman. Employing skills now more or less lost.

Dating to the 1870s it is miraculous that this lovely brooch is in mint condition. It weighs a total of 8 grams of solid 14 karat yellow gold. Professional testing confirms the metal fineness.

It measures 1 9/16" by 1 7/8" ( 40 x 47mm). It really is a textbook example of fine 19th century jewelry design and craftsmanship.

The overall condition of the set is very good. One earring has a small area of damage to the interwoven gold of the basket which is not visible when worn. There may be a missing leaf at the top of one earring but it could equally have been made this way. The brooch has a small section of damage to the fine basket weave which is not visible when worn.

This amazing set is the absolute epitome of high 1870s fashion. It is exceedingly rare to find pieces like this on the market for sale today.

This superb set has been examined by a professional gemologist, an accredited specialist antique jewelry appraiser. The piece is guaranteed as described and is genuinely antique from the period stated. It is not a mass produced modern reproduction. It will be delivered with its Certificate of Appraisal.

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Good - antique earrings and pin - ready to wear - condition commensureate with age and authenticity