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This is a really great piece of Victorian ladies travel history! When the lady traveled, she had a fitted case to put all her vanity items into so she would be able to complete her "toillet" each day. This is a tabletop style, so that it could really be uttilized without unpacking everything. This one is monogramed with "MCH". Not all of the pieces are here. I think I can see places for 3 to 4 more items in the top and one of the manicure pieces is missing from the drawer or pull out tray. I do not believe the comb is original. The two tiny celluloid jars have glass linners. The mirror is in pretty good condition. It has beveled glass and is very heavy. The center of the mirror is great, but you can see loss of silvering around the edges. The latches that hold the tray up in the lid are in good working order. Most all pieces have discoloration and/or some stains. I have not attempted to clean any of the celluloid pieces as I am not real sure how to do this without damage. The ivory color lining is in good condition in the lid, but is worn and torn at every stress point in the bottom of the case. Every where there is a fitted component for holding combs, brushes, etc., it is shattered. The silk covering along the hinge is shattered. The gold velvet linning in the manicure tray is intact. To me, it looks as though someone really loved and used this set. The case is in pretty good condition. It is of wood construction covered with the thin black leatherlike covering you see on many accessory boxes of this time, such as collar boxes. Each of the two back corners have dings and the black covering is torn, but only a very little bit. All the hardware seems to be original and is intact. There is some loss of finish and some pitting to the metal and some signs of a bit of rust. Overall, considering it's age and it's obvious use, it is in good condition. It would make a lovely addition to any period bedroom! I do have more pics. Please email me with any questions you may have ahead of time. This case is large and heavy. It is approx. 20 1/2" long by 15" wide by 5 3/4" deep. It weighs approx. 11 3/4 pounds before any packing material. And this will add another 5 pounds or so, so the shipping is going to be a bit pricey. So, ask all your questions before ordering.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
Circa 1900
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