Starrett Hand Scraper No. 194 Complete w/Box Rare!

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This is a very scarse scraper made by Starrett. This one is posted in the old Starrett catalog as a "UNIVERSAL SCRAPER" similar to the No. 181 Floor, Bench, and Cabinet Scraper. It is very similiar to the Stanley No. 283 Scraper also, but I think this Starrett is a bit easier to use. It measures 9" long and has a double sided cuter with a width of 2 7/8". This is a fine tool used for scraping insides of cabinets to removing paint and varnish. It features an easy to adjust forward swivel head that allows blade positioning in several positions. Simply turn the rear handle to loose the swivel head, position the blade to your liking, then tighten the rear handle, the blade holds in place very firmly. The wing nut on the front is to remove and hold the blade in place. The blade handle is inserted with a steel sleeve and is removeable, and can be placed on the opposite end of the blade. The top blade handle is in good working order, but it has been repaired over the years. It appears to be an old repair however. The rear handle is in very nice shape along with the rest of the tool. The number 194 is a reference number in the Starrett catalog, it is not marked on this tool, but is on the original box label. The box is worn on the corners with some fading of the paper, clear tape on one corner of the top, the bottom is very solid. Overall good condition on the box. This is a great opportunity to purchase a very rare antique tool.

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