Stanley Yankee No. 9 Push Drill Bit or Point Set w/Case

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Offering this hard to find Yankee push drill, straight fluted points set. The price is for one new, set, but if more are available, you may order more than one and save on shipping. This is a complete set of 8 points from 1/16"-11/64" diameter, and are about 2.1" long overall. This set comes in a very nice round plastic case that has a steel screw cap, and is marked "YANKEE NO. 9 DRILL POINT SET STANLEY TOOLS NEW BRITAIN CONN. U.S.A." on the label, and also gives the various drill sizes included. The case is in very good shape, with very minor age wear, and the top fits the bottom nicely. The drill points are new, but may have been used a few times, but no sign of wear, or any misuse. They will fit North Brothers or Stanley push drills, No. 35, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, & 46, and will also fit some Yankee screwdrivers by this same company if you have the correct Yankee adapter, made by North Brothers or Stanley. These also fit some Craftsman, and Millers Falls push drills with the same shank notch and flat. These drill points are no longer manufactured, so we also carry a straight drill shank adapter that you can purchase as an option to purchasing these hard to find Yankee bits. You can learn more about the adapters, by searching this site for Yankee Straight shank adapter.

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mid 1900's
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