Stanley Ratchet Screwdriver/Nut Driver w/16 Bits Ergonomic Handle

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Offering this quality made, new Stanley No. 68-010 multi-bit ratchet screwdriver / nutdriver combination, featuring 6 nutdriver bits, and 10 screwdriver type bits, and a wall mount bracket. The driver features the standard magnetic hex type bit receiver, with a good strong magnet to hold the bits in place during use. The driver also has a 6 bit magazine, that freely turns on the center shaft, and has one open slot that allows removal of the bits from the magazine, and so that the other bit don't fall out during use. This is one of the best features of this driver, as you favorite screwdriver tips can be kept with the driver, wherever you take it on the job. I will say, it takes a few minutes to learn how to take the bits out of the magazine, as each one has to slide forward and out, requiring a gentle tap on my hand for the bit to come to the correct position to take it out. The next feature is the 3 position ratchet, for clockwise, lock, and counterclockwise settings. The next feature is the ergonomic rubberized metal handle, that is not round like the older versions of the Stanley ratchet screwdriver that often would roll off the work bench, but this one has some flat areas, and a better shape to fit your handle, and not slip while you are useing it! The handle also has the "STANLEY" name on it in yellow. I am also including a nut driver set that features 6 different sizes from 1/4" to 7/16", great for most household applications! Another nice feature of the screwdriver bit set is the square tip drivers, as more a more users are useing square drive screws today, this package include two sizes of square drive bits! I have been useing one of these in my shop for several weeks, and I highly reccomend this tool as a gift item, or for your own tool box or shop. Stanley has been making ratchet screwdrivers since 1946 when they bought North Brothers Mfg. Co.. I have most all the screwdriver they made over the years, each one has it's fine points, including this one. A well designed tool set!

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