Stanley Plane Oldest Style Short Knob No. 5, 6, 7, 8 Walnut Replacement

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This is a unfinished (no stain or clear varnish), solid walnut hardwood (the OLD TYPE SHORT front knob) that is designed to fit vintage Stanley Bailey type planes No. 4-1/2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and the Bed Rock series No. 606 to 608, from the 1902 patent date until around 1910, (May fit older models as well, see note below on this subject). The short knobs will not fit the newer (beginning around 1918) planes with the raised boss cast at the base of the front knob mounting area. (We have the newer type tall knobs in other listings at this store). Each is in very good condition with no damage or cracks, formed and all needed holes drilled to use as is, or finish yourself. Although this type of knob is a copy or duplicated shape (from planes that have the 1902 patent date cast on them just behind the frog, and made to fit any of the Stanley number planes listed above during the period from 1902 until 1918, but as far as we can tell, will fit the number planes mentioned all the way back to the earliest type 1 planes.  These older planes originally had Rosewood handles, where these replacement are black walnut. Although walnut is not the original type wood used on Stanley planes it is similar appearance to the vintage rosewood when stained and finished.  The knob is 2.03" long x 1.8" diameter at the widest point. Price is per one knob. As you can see in the pictures clearance hole and counter bore are in each knob, ready to bolt onto your plane using your original hardware/screws. If you intend to apply a stain or varnish type finish, some finish sanding we be required. The grain pattern on each is similar, but not exactly the same, each is unique. I have some for sale that are finished, If you would rather have a finished knob, you can purchase one or more at this website, but in a separate offering that you can find by using this website's internal search feature. We also have plane knobs, and other types of handles for planes and antique hand drills available for purchase at this store.

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