Stanley Handyman No. 133H & 233H Spiral Ratchet Screwdrivers

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This is a listing for the sale of two clean spiral ratchet screwdrivers, both marked "STANLEY HANDYMAN YANKEE MADE IN U.S.A." on the metal area near the selector switch. One is also marked "NO. 233H" and the other one with the black painted handle is marked "NO. 133H". The black handle is made of hardwood, and the NO. 233H has a bit storage area inside the molded plastic handle, and has a threaded end cap made of metal, so it is rugged, and both handles are well attached. Each measures 8.5" long overall without the bit in the chuck, both have the same spring loaded spiral action and forward/reverse and lock ratchet action. The main difference betwen the two is the handle type. The handles are both solid with the black handle being quite nice, little wear, and the plastic handle have more wear, some stains and minor scratches on the plastic. The selector on this one moves smoothly and holds position very well, three position, left, right, lock on each. These two screwdrivers come with one set of 6 different bits, 3 slot bit, and 3 drill bits. The bits are removeable, and has a 3/16" or .187" diameter shank, and will except that size bits that we also offer for sale (under Yankee with the search feature). All 6 bits fit into the handle of the NO. 233H for storage, and all fit into both screwdriver chucks (you can use the same bits in either screwdriver chuck). All the bits are in good to very good condition, the drill are sharp and ready to use. A nice pair of Yankee handlyman screwdriver/push drills!

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