Stanley No. 604C Bed Rock Plane 1895 Patent

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This is a nice clean heavy duty bench plane with a 2 inch wide cutter that is marked PAT. APR.19.92 and is sharp and ready to use with nearly all original length so plenty of re-sharpening in the future.  The cutter is clean no rust, some very minor pitting noted.  The frog is in good working order, holds the cutter in place very well, but does have a chipped off section (similar to several from this era that I have seen), but the damaged area doesn't effect use of this plane, we believe that is was a wall stock thickness issue in the already brittle iron casting that lead to many of these frogs cracking in that area.  Once more the crack in the frog being the only damage noted on this plane, it will also show well because the damage can only be seen after the cap cover and cutter are removed.  The cap cover is marked STANELY R & L CO. BED ROCK and is in nice shape.  The toe is marked No. 604 and the bed behind the tote is marked APR.2.95  and there is a B right above the patent date.  The Japanning is about 95% intact overall with most loss on the frog.  All the threads, and screws are in great shape.  The original tote, knob and their hardware are in solid condition with no cracks in the rosewood but some dings and dents, all fairly small.  As you can see in the photos, this is the older round top sides design along with the corrugated sole, all in great shape a few minor dings, no rust or pitting, clean.

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Woodworking Tools
Antiques (approx100yrs)
Late 1800's
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