SPUTNIK RAINBOW Brooch Pin 1950s Starburst MultiGem Tourmaline 10K Gold Mid Century Modernist One of a Kind High End Luxury Old Hollywood Glamour Tutti Frutti Indicolite Rubellite Imperial Topaz Aquamarine Paraiba Multicolor Modernist Vivid Gem

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An amazing 1950s solid gold pin set with an exceptional selection of untreated precious natural gems in a starburst design.

Some high end jewelry is so luxurious it looks like it just couldn't be real. This is the case with this amazing pin. Each beautiful hand set natural gemstone is so vivid in color, so perfectly cut and so clean that it just takes your breathe away. Every stone is am earth mined precious untreated gem. There are absolutely no synthetics or imitation gems here just the genuine article.

It measures 1 3/4" in diameter (45mm). On the reverse it secures with a hand made safety clasp.

In total it weighs 16.74 grams. The 10K gold has been assessed by our appraiser.

Precious natural untreated gems that are set in this amazing brooch include:
• One natural tear shape topaz pale lemon yellow weighing 1.54 carats
• Aquamarine round brilliant cut weighing 1.01 carats
• One neon Paraiba tourmaline weighing 1.08 carats
• Citrine round brilliant cut weighing 0.86 carats
• Amethyst excellent colour intense violet weighing 0.85 carats
• Aquamarine in pale blue weighing 0.61 carats
• Prasiolite in an intense lemon olive green approx 0.50 carats
• Citrine round brilliant cut 0.45 carats
• A natural peach pink topaz pear cut weighing 0.75 carats
• Natural green tourmaline round brilliant cut 0.50 carats
• Rubellite tourmaline in intense red round brilliant cut 0.60 carats
• Tourmaline neon blue green 0.58 carats
• Rock crystal round brilliant cut 0.80 carats
• Indicolite intense blue tourmaline 0.95 carats
• Citrine approx 1.32 carats round brilliant cut
• Green blue intense neon tourmaline 1.40 carats

This makes the total fine gemstone weigh 13.75 carats.

This piece is in excellent condition.

I love the vivid colors and iconic style of this custom made pin. It is straight out of a silver screen movie.

Designed as a brooch it also looks absolutely sensational hung on a chain as well as worn on a lapel.

An appraisal shall accompany this item. This appraisal has been made by a professional Gemologist and accredited Jewelry Appraiser who is a specialist in the field.

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Vintage (20yrs+)
1940s to 1950s
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Beautiful -Ready to Gift or to Wear