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Presto 1967 Ad
Presto 1967 Ad. This black and white December 1, 1967 ad states Think Twice and youll give Presto. P...
Frigidaire Washers 1969 Ad.
Frigidaire Washers 1969 Ad. This color April 4, 1969 ad states The Frigidaire Horse Blanket Laundry....
Westinghouse Range 1969 Ad.
Westinghouse Range 1969 Ad. This color April 4, 1969 ad states While we give you a range that cleans...
Maytag Washer 1972 Ad.
Maytag Washer 1972 Ad. This black and white 1972 Ad states Old Bessie started out in 1955 washing Je...
Ricky Greene 1972 Article
Ricky Greene 1972 Article. This black and white June 16, 1972 article states Freewheeling from Israe...