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Dupont Dacron 1958 Ad
Dupont Dacron 1958 Ad. This color December 9, 1958 ad states Dacron Improves the cotton shirt. Wash ...
Wedding Dress 1958 Ad
Wedding Dress 1958 Ad. This color April 29 ad states Striking a Traditional tin type pose, the bride...
House of Worsted Tex 1951 Ad
House of Worsted Tex 1951 Ad. This color June 5, 1951 ad states This is you in a Tropi Tex British L...
Blue Bell Clothes 1951 Ad
Blue Bell Clothes 1951 Ad. This color June 5, 1951 ad states how to pick better play clothes, consul...
Talon Quality Zipper 1956 Ad
Talon Quality Zipper 1956 Ad. This color two page May, 1956 ad states Time to get the long and short...