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Stars on NBC 1951 Ad
Stars on NBC 1951 Ad. This black and white January 30 1951 ad states Saturday Night Stars on NBC. Th...
Pope John XXIII 1959 Picture
Pope John XXIII 1959 Picture. This March 31, 1959 Front Cover okf Look Magazine states Pope John XXI...
Robert Preston 1964 Picture
Robert Preston 1964 Picture. This Black and white October 17, 1964 full page Picture shows Robert Pr...
Hollywood Stars 1947 Article
Hollywood Stars 1947 Article. This 3 page black and white Article states Meet the People, which Holl...
Red Skelton 1946 Article
Red Skelton 1946 Article. This May 14, 1946 two page black and white article states Red Skelton, his...
Montgomery Ward Rugs 1925 Ad
Montgomery Ward Rugs 1925 Ad. This color 1925 ad states Seamless Velvet Rugs, Axminster Rugs and gen...