We are antiques dealers specializing in a number of types of china and pottery, including chintz, cottage ware, Quimper, Clarice Cliff, Torquay, Shelley, and the Homemaker series.   We also have many teapots and British commemorative items.

Our inventory includes jewelry from various periods, ranging from Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveaux to Art Deco.  Our twentieth century jewelry ranges from Bakelite, Butler and Wilson, and costume pieces to estate items.We have a large inventory of English sterling and silver plated items, including tea and coffee services, biscuit boxes, trays, and serving pieces. 

Please view our extensive collection of vintage and contemporary pocketbooks.

We hold membership in LAPADA, the London and Provincial Association of Art and Antiques Dealers.

Should your search not find an item you are considering, please contact us, as that special want may not have been entered onto our site.  For more information, please call us at:  267 909 9709 or email us at:  Tuttodm@aol.com.

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Vintage Alligator Clutch Bag
Beautiful and stylish Alligator clutch bag in very good condition. It has a bit of wear on the corn...
Trump Marker ashtray
Trump Marker as an ashtray. It is in exxcellent condition, but the cards in celluloid are only fair...
This is a vintage LV clutch bag that I bought as my first LV bag about 35 years ago. It is in excel...
Scotty Family Trump Marker
Delightful Scotty family in excellent condition The cards are in fair condition: one diamond has a...
English Spaniel Trump Marker
Delightful spaniel english trump marker in excellent condition and all of its cards are in very good...
English Huskie Trump Marker
Very rare Huskie Trump Marker in excellent condition. The celluloid cards are also in very good con...
Dachshound Trump Marker
English Dachshound Trump Marker in very good condition. The celluloid markers show age and some hav...
Spaniel Trump Marker
Delightful English Spaniel in good condtition. The celluloid markers are in fair condition-some bet...
Little Pig Trump Marker
Cute little pig trump marker in excellent condition . The celluloid cards are also in good conditio...
Piggie Trump Marker
Delightful Brass piggie on stand Trump Marker. It is in excellent condition and the celluloid cards...
Beagle Family Trump Markers
Cutest ever family of Beagle family dog trump marker. It is in very good condition and the cards ar...