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AMF Voit Basketball 1962 Ad
AMF Voit Basketball 1962 Ad. This black and white October, 1962 ad states Voit LB22 official perfect...
Ivory Soap 1924 Ad
Ivory Soap 1924 Ad. This color November 13, 1924 ad states Her Beauty Laughs at years. Will your com...
Bon Ami Cleanser 1940 Ad.
Bon Ami Cleanser 1940 Ad. This color August, 1940 ad states What a Husband you will be in 1953. Shes...
Swan Soap 1942 Ad.
Swan Soap 1942 Ad. This color Augugst3, 1942 Lever Brothers Co. Ad states Babies, I was born for em....
Swan Floating Soap 1944 Ad.
Swan Floating Soap 1944 Ad. This color March 27, 1944 ad states Swan is four swell soaps in 1 for Ba...
Lux Flakes Soap 1950 Ad.
Lux Flakes Soap 1950 Ad. This color February, 1950 ad states all my lingerie is kept lovely with Lux...