One-of-a-kind or very Rare. Similar cultural items may be found in Museums.  We have been in Fine ART and Antiques since the 70's.  Something for everyone to see and buy.

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Jade Scepter
A finely carved Jade Scepter. This would look good in your collection. This a large piece of Jade ...
Inside Painted Snuff Bottle
A finely inside painted snuff bottle with a Jade stopper. It measures 3 1/2 x 1 7/8 x 3/4 inches and...
$250.00 OBO
Shuo Chang Entertainer
Here is nice sculpture from the Han Dynasty (221-206 BC. From the Chengdu Schuan Province and there ...
$3,050.00 OBO
Rooster Netsuke
A very delicately carved Netsuke out of Boxwood. This Japanese adornment will be the talk of your co...
$200.00 OBO
Taotie w/Phoenixes Pendant
A nice Easter Zhou Dynasty (770-221 BC) Pendant made from Jade and calcified stone. This piece is ap...
$95.00 OBO
Ming Dynasty Cooker/Warmer
A very well built cooker/warmer with the Ming mark stamped into it. It has the three prong holder t...
$350.00 OBO
Erotic African Sculpture
An Erotic sculpture of man or beast from the African continent. Carved from sediment stone in one ...
$200.00 OBO