Irwin Auger Bit Set + Chest 13+ Drills 1800's

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This is a nice, clean set of 13 Irwin auger bits for your brace, plus one countersink reamer, and two slot screw driver bits. They come with an original hardwood covered chest with the flip lid on top and the swing out style drawer at the bottom section.  This chest is among the best I have seen, particularly the very good condition of the black label inside the flip top cover.  The hinges have been updated to a more heavy duty style and the swing out drawer latch is there but missing the part that would clasp it in the closed position.  (I have never seen an original clasp fully intact on one of these chests from the late 1800's.  The latches seemed too lightweight to hold up very well.  The the latches that are left are very ornate, not like any you might find at the hardware these days.  The chest is light weight, but well constructed with lap joints in the corners, all holding strong. The label inside reads "1 SET 32 1/2 QUARTERS SOLID CENTER STEM AUGER BITS THE IRWIN AUGER BIT COMPANY WILMINGTON OHIO U.S.A.  PATENTED OCT 21, 1894 IMPROVED APRIL 19 '87 CHAS IRWIN PATENTEE"  The label is about 98% intact!

Each auger bit is marked "IRWIN" on the shank, (the reamer and the two slot bits are marked but not IRWIN. The 13 regular bits are numbered by 16ths inch from 4/16 to 16/16 or 1" in diameter. Each bit is held in place by a special radius formed slot for each size.  The bits are very nice, carefully used, sharp and ready to work (some appear to have never been used). The 6.25" x 11.9" x 3.25" chest is in very good condition, very solid, clean with a very nice grain on both the interior an on exterior too, as shown in the pictures, lap joints (heavy duty) corners.The top hinges and latch work very well as does the swivel and hinges on the bottom swing out drawer. A very nice late 1800's auger set overall, would make an excellent gift!

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