North Brothers Yankee No. 75 Push Drill Brace

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This is a quality made spiral drive, ratcheting screwdriver / push drill brace that measures 24.25" long not including tip, fully opened, and 16.5" in the closed position. The ratcheting switch on the side allows for locked, clockwise and counterclockwise ratchet movements, basically the same as the other Yankee screwdriver by this same company, in this case, with a totally concealed spiral drive unit inside the main shaft area. The main shaft is marked "YANKEE NO. 75 NORTH BROS. MFG. CO. PHILA. PA. U.S.A. PAT. APR.16.95, NOV.2.97 DEC.27.10". The inside shafts are brass, with a nicely polished nickel plating intact on about 85% of the polished, shiney surfaces.  Most of the nickel plating wear is on the inside shaft that is hidden when this tool is in the compressed position.  This tool has lots of features, very precision design and amazingly in good straight useable condition, showing that it was very well cared for and stored over the years.  The wood end handle appears to be
Beech or Maple hardwood, is in very nice condition with a nice slotted metal end cap and a nice polished finish on the wood, very little wear. The chuck is the two jaw aligator type, for holding the smaller tapered end auger or screwdriver bits (usually called bit stock drills or bits, and we generally have a nice selection of sets in stock). The chuck sleeve and jaws, and assembly are all steel, and all in very good working condition with the alligator type jaws (very similar to the type found on a brace). This is a very nice, well cared for tool, American made to last a lifetime, and it appears it has and then some!

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Woodworking Tools
Antiques (approx100yrs)
early 1900's
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