Rogers & Bro Ornate Coffee Server

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Rogers & Bro Ornate Coffee server. Triple Plate, this Coffee server is marked Rogers and Bro, Triple Plate with the Hand holding electricity mark. 1932 & the number 6, is on the bottom. This has a lot of detail & in the design. It has never been monogramed if you wish to have it done for your family. It has the deepest of color. I did not try to clean it, but it has silver paste in some of the cracks & could use a good cleaning. There is a bird, kind of a cross between a bird of paradise & a crow on the handle. One bird is sitting & the other flapping its wings. The feet are flower bouquets. This is in great condition, except the lid is missing, There is a bead of silver sodier across back of lip where it was. This could be replaced if you found one you liked. Many of these were broken off on purpose when tea services went out of style & the ornate tops were used as nick nacks & some were even donated to the metal shortage during the war. This is truely a unique piece. Also on the inside, this one would have had a tea/coffee strainer for loose tea at the spout, that someone punched out many years ago. Aprox 10 x 8", Shipping will be 4.50 if in the USA

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