Reversible Dendritic Agate Heart with Beaded Bezel & Rope & Silver chain . Statement Necklace

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Reversible Dendritic Agate Heart with Beaded Bezel with right angle weave rope & Silver chain, Hand Crafted Original One of Kind Design. Statement Necklace

This awesome heart pendant of a dendritic agate is artfully surrounded by tiny 15/ and 11/0 black , vintage pale blue opalescent, and other opal silver lined crystal beads . Around the heart is used a technique is known as a netted bezel using a peyote stitch. Each side has a bit different sequence in the rows and each side is embellished with slightly different design with small black silver lined beads with a small AB crystal or very small vintage AB beads. . The bail is made with a peyote stitches that is starts out with double that extend from a wide band finished with picot edging. Each side varies slightly. It bail is wide enough to accommodate different sized chains or ropes. 

The beaded rope chain that is included can be removed and done it is done with a Right Angel Weave ( RAW) stitch using black and vintage opalescent blue rocalles and opalescent white silver lined Japanese Delicas. The rope is attached to an attractive silver chain and with a lobster clasp that is adjustable. 
The beaded rope chain is 24.5 inches long and is .25 inches wide. The heart is just over 2.5 inches long including the bail and 1.75” wide.

The heart is 2” x 2” not counting the double bail which is about ½” 

The rope with the chain is 26” long.

It is hand crafted and there maybe a few minor inconsistencies in the flow of the stitches but not anything that anyone would really notice. The heart is not completely symmetrical as it is a hand cut stone. There are few natural blemishes on the surface that adds character as does the inclusion within the stone itself. 

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
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agate, silver and glass beads