Reid Archimedean Screwdriver Drill w/bits 1880's

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This is a quality made spiral drive screwdriver that measures 21.25" long not including the removable driver tip. Shorter than the other more common Reid model, this tool is quite rare. The main body shaft is marked "A.H. REID PHIL'A PA PAT'D DEC. 12 1882".  The shaft is nickel plated, with about 50% plating intact, still shiney. The tip end and 2 pc. handle at the other end, the wood appears to be hardwood with a rosewood stain, and is in good condition with minor wear on the stain, one minor grain hairline crack, on the free spinning section of the 2 pc. handle, otherwise very few scratches. The push end knob appears to be beach, this is the two piece split type as from the factory, the inside section turns freely, while the rounded outside end piece is firmly attached, and is very, very solid. The purpose of the free turning part of the 2 pc. handle is for when you are pulling that end back, it doesn't cause friction in your hand. So, the wood section down by the screwdriver tip is also free spinning for the same reason. All the wood is well attached, in very good working order. The screwdriver tips are not original to the type chuck that is one this model.  The do have a + shape at the end that fits in the chuck, but don't have long enough pertrusions to use the ring clip to hold them from falling out, plus the bits are longer than the should be.  On the other hand, both bits do function for driving screws as they should, plus you get the Phillips type bit which wasn't available back in the 1880's!   have the slot in the tapered area to hold the tip in place along with a wire cross clip notch to hold it in place. Since the tip set was lost over the years, all we have left is the two tips, shown in the photos, that do fit the chuck pretty well, as long as you're holding the driver horizontally, since the lock ring doesn't keep them from falling out due to gravity. The chuck, and tip otherwise is in very good shape. The spiral section is very clean, with very little wear, no damage works smoothly. Overall a really nice 19th century tool!

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