Reid Archimedean Screwdriver Drill w/bits 1880's

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This is a quality made spiral drive screwdriver that measures 26.50" long not including the removable driver tip. The main shaft is marked "A.H. REID PHIL'A PA ". The shaft is nickel plated, with about 90% plating intact. There is one small dent noted on the main shaft about mid-way, has no negitive effect on spiral use.  The tip end wood appears to be hardwood with a rosewood stain, and is in good condition with minor wear on the stain, no cracks, very few scratches. The push end knob appears to be beach, this is the two piece split type as from the factory, pretty rare style, the inside ring turns, while the rounded outside end piece is firmly attached, and is very, very solid. All the wood parts are solid and well attached. The screwdriver tips have the notch in the tapered area to hold the tip in place while the spring loaded chuck pin is inserted. The chuck is in very good shape. I have used a small set of drills with this tool on occasion, and bits will work without the relieve for the chuck pin if the taper on the drill is small enough to go into the chuck. Without the relieve in other bits you may want to use, the bit may fall out, but the pin seems to hold it fairly well. The bits shown in the photos have the relief in it for the spring loaded chuck pin to fit into, and have various makers' marks on them, such as one slot driver bit is marked "SNELL".  There are two slot bits and one end threaded starter drill bit with a taper cut for starter holes for average size cabinet screws.  The spiral section is very clean, with very little wear, no damage work smoothly. Overall a really nice 19th century tool!  Note:  Remember to oil the spiral with at least a few drops of oil per each use.

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