Rebecca Martinez: 'Side Effect' hand painted photograph

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This is a unique hand-painted photograph by Rebecca Martinez, a San Francisco based photographer.

From the artist's statement: "My discovery of infrared film opened up new realms of possibilities. Infrared film is able to capture a hidden, mysterious, and often surprising aspect of the universe that the camera misses when loaded with more "literal" kinds of films. In a sense, infrared film reveals what the human eye combined with the human imagination is able to perceive. It does so because it reacts not just to what the eye can see but to a spectrum that is just as real as visible light but which we sense only intuitively. With infrared film, I found a way of capturing and preserving some of the surprises my designer's eye and brain are constantly finding in the world. "Hand coloring of both infrared and conventional black and white photographic prints is the latest element of my work to evolve. I came to hand coloring because the designs I see in the world consist of form and color, and I felt the need to put the color into my photographs to fully express my vision. The physical, tactile aspect of applying oils to the prints also appeals strongly to me; it gives me a feeling that the completed work is really a part of me that the more technical process of printing photographs does not give me. Perhaps it is because I revel in light that I enjoy a creative process that must be done in the bright light rather than one done in the darkroom."

Keywords: figurative; woman; nude

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Fine Art
Antiques (approx100yrs)
(Width x Height X Depth)
14.00 x 11.00 x
hand-painted over infrared gelatin silver print