Pexto Slate Roof Nail Ripper Cutter Slaters

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This is a nice, clean, antique slate roof repair tool, designed to slide under the slates of the roof, and cut the nails of the slate piece that needs to be replaced. Since the nails are usually a soft metal, this type cutter is effective in most cases to cut the nail and free the broken slate to be replaced. There was about 4 manufactures of these rippers, and this one much like the Belden Machine Co. brand that was one of the best known for quality tools. This one is marked "PEXTO MADE IN USA", and has part of the oval logo shape around the Peck, stow, and Wilcox Co. name "PEXTO" on one side of the blade. These nail removing tools where generally made in two or three piece construction, the handle area a softer less brittle metal, and then the cutting section, a hardened and tempered steel so the cutting edge would hold it's edge during routine use. The cutting edges can be sharpened if you wish. The condition of this tool is better than most we have seen, with some evidence of hammer striking marks on the forward section of the handle, and just minor dings on the rounded cap end, (this tool can be used in either push or pull movements, but would need some sharpening for the push or tip end). There is some evidence of past rust, some minor pitting, no rusty now. The cutter sections are about 99% intact as new. You may want to sharpen them slightly before use to suit your purpose, but it plenty sharp enough to go to work as is. This tool is 30.5" long overall, the flat straight part to slide under the slate is 24" from the tip to the L shaped part of the handle. A quality USA made antique slater's cutter in good++, useable condition!

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