Ornate Mirror Scallop Beveled Glass Molded Ornate Wall Frame

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This is a very nice, ornate framed wall mirror, with very rarely seen scallop beveled edge glass enhancements on the mirror, and very ornate frame with the top crown design which is an Aladdin's lamp and floral garland design. The frame is made of hardwood, with applied, ornate molded floral design mostly. The applied material can be brittle on these antique mirrors, and often we see these with much of the applied work missing. This one is in good shape in terms of the frame, well made with only five small pieces of the applied molded work missing mostly on the bottom corners, and some smaller pieces in the top crown area. Hardly noticeable from a distance. Please note the fancy back etched design near the top of the mirror, very unusual process, and about as rare as the scalloped beveled edges! The mirror glass is in great shape, we see very little issues with the mirror silver. About 99% of the mirror silver is intact. We note one 1" long scratch on the exterior of the mirror glass. The size of the frame is 11" x 25.5". There is two brass screws that secure the mirror to the frame as an additional decoration and security. A note on shipping. We do our very best to package these old mirrors for safe shipment, including additional padding and foam, and a heavy duty shipping box. This does add weight and cost to the shipping and handling, but increase the odds against damage in transport.

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